Step by step

Hello! We’re fresh off the back of another hectic couple of weeks, but read on for the latest:


This week has mostly been devoted to trying to unpick a couple of structural issues - specifically, the interplay between one of the Host’s challenges and the scenes leading in. As a result, the needle on the proverbial dial (reading on the thermometer? Bookmark in the epic? None of these sound quite right) hasn’t moved all that much, but it’s all necessary foundational work. Part of why we made the concrete decision to narrow our initial focus to one route was so we could address any narrative concerns as they come up; that way, when Mesmer’s route is largely complete, we can go into the next with a solid understanding of what to expect. There’s a plan, of course, but some narrative issues only reveal themselves when you’re getting to grips with writing one scene at a time!


Below, we’re sharing step-by-step images from one of our latest CGs. For some background - it wouldn’t be a reality TV show without confessions to camera, and the Host graciously affords our contestants the opportunity to get their feelings off their chests. The shots below are from a scene where… let’s just say Hat Trick’s starting to feel the pressure.

You’ll notice that the background is already fully-drawn from the first sketch, and that’s deliberate - by layering in characters as necessary, we can keep the pace up. You’ll have noticed that we did something similar with the character bedrooms - each one starts from the same outline, with detail added to fit each character.


That’s all for now! We’ll be back in early November with the latest.