additional post

i just wanted to make another quick post about something i’ve wanted to say ever since the demo came out

to everyone who’s drawn fanart, written fanfic, anyone who’s made even a single post in the tag, thank you so so much!!! i can’t even believe people have written stuff for us - the reception for this has still felt so surreal. none of us really expected date or die to blow up the way it did, and it means the world and then some to us.

i really wish that this blog wasn’t kept exclusively for dev posts, so i could reblog every piece of fanart to show it off. all of it has been so wonderful, even the horny host fanart, especially the horny host fanart. it’s all lovely and it’s hard not to send everyone thank you messages for it all, but as is, i hope you don’t mind me just saving all of it to my computer and sharing it within the team. all of us yell and jump up and down about it - yes, every piece. no matter what, it’s loved and appreciated so much more than we can say.

so, everyone, thank you, thank you, thank you.