June Update

So, first off: we’re not dead. (Or dated; thanks, Twitter.) A few personal matters have slowed us down recently, but we’re still writing and continuing to figure the finer points of the plot out.

There’s no art in this update, but we do have some news items, the first of which being that

We’ve added a co-writer

Christopher J. Fraser is the author of two science fiction books and a contributor to the film magazine Bright Wall/Dark Room, and he’s now part of the Date or Die team! He’ll be helping to round out each of the characters, as well as expanding and refining the plot. As a work with several distinct routes, Date or Die has a lot of writing involved, and distributing the workload between two writers should mean that we can take more care when putting it all together (as well as, hopefully, reducing the amount of time it takes to finish the game).

We’re scoping the game down a bit

We started out thinking that making a game like this with ten contestants would be relatively straightforward, but that seemed less and less plausible as we started to put a plan together. So, here’s the bad news: there are now six contestants in Date or Die.

Now, the good news.

With a smaller number of characters, we’ll be able to work harder on rounding out each character. Rather than having one story with a few key variables, there are now going to be several separate routes, locked in after you make some key decisions early on in the game. We’ve done this so we can expand the role of each character in turn, and deliver a game that continues to surprise you after your fifth playthrough. Will there be some crossover between routes? Yes - although the same elimination challenge in a different route might play out completely differently. Does this model mean that we can make major changes to the plot depending on which route you choose, allowing for much greater replayability and the space to get to know characters in much more detail? Absolutely, yes.

Some of our character details are going to change

There are some characters you haven’t even met yet, and we hope we can introduce you to them soon, but this is about the ones we’ve already announced: in the time between publishing the earlier character profiles (for Mesmer, Six, Orlok and Hero) and now, some of their biographical details have changed. We won’t go into detail here; suffice it to say, if we talk about characters later on and there appear to be some inconsistencies with stuff we’ve said about characters in the past, we likely already know of the changes and we meant to put them in there.