November Update

Hi y'all. Sorry for the quiet. We’re still alive and Date or Die work is still going! Progress is slow because this isn’t anyone’s full-time job right now, but the team is doing our best. I (Arden, writer/designer) don’t use tumblr, so I forget to make update posts, but I’m very active on my personal Twitter account, @sproutella. This is where I talk most about the game in addition to making bad posts about other things.

Right now we’re polishing up our existing demo to have a much prettier UI - screenshots attached! - as well as putting together a new demo we hope to show at PAX East 2017. This will be a slightly altered version of the game’s prologue.

I’ve been hammering away at the script and I’m pleased with progress so far! I think the entire script will, fingers crossed, be finished by the time PAX rolls around. From there we’ll focus on art, funding, and implementing everything.

Thank you for your patience and continued interest in this project. It seriously means the world to all of us.

(game-relevant images below the cut!! -julian)

hi! julian here (artist/local terrible boy, tumblr user @killmurders but significantly more present on twitter with the same url) with some updates on what’s been going on in the ‘things you can look at’ department. the bulk of our current work is going into writing - strengthening existing arcs, nailing down character voices, and so on! so, unfortunately there’s not a lot of that that we can post without spoiling things that we don’t want to be spoiled.

here’s a couple little things + more info below them!  anything included here isn’t necessarily representative of the final product - at the moment, we’re more focused on getting the framework of everything put together as opposed to fine tuning the parts already in place. also, sometimes we just decide certain things work better as opposed to others! c’est la vie


because the lion’s share of the current progress isn’t visually based, most of what i’ve been involved in (aside from writing) has been UI updates! no more garbage default ren’py menus, thank god

anyway, here’s one of the drafts for a main menu! the idea behind this one was to be super over the top dating-sim style played straight, and also very, very pink. with a lot of flower petals blowing around probably. i’m still honestly very fond of this one

and this is the main menu as it exists in the current build!

the current options/setup menu! this one comes with sliders and everything.

i want to say again i’m sorry to anyone who was concerned about us - i’m a fulltime student with a day job so i post very little on tumblr, and as arden said they don’t have an account here at all! so if you don’t see us much here, don’t worry - we’re still on twitter and we post pretty frequently about game progress there. i promise y’all, we’re taking this game all the way to the finish line

ciao! 🔪❤️✨