September Update

Hi! It’s Arden again. I don’t have a ton to say for this month’s update other than “yeah, we’re still working!” but that’s still something, right?

Julian and I are both working on other paying projects to support ourselves, which means Date or Die’s development is slow right now. I could say it’s a ~labor of love~ but that’s just a way of sugar-coating the fact that no one on the team is making money from this and we have to be able to support ourselves and make a living! That’s important!

We haven’t revealed the last contestant yet, but before we do we’re switching gears to try to produce a demo. I’ll feel a lot more comfortable asking for financial assistance once I have a playable section to show people. Plus, when you’ve been working on something for such a long time without even a little scene you can play, it can somehow make your work feel like it’s not real. Even though that’s not true! Date or Die has so much work done on it already, but not being able to show it off makes it feel intangible. 

I guess I’m saying this to remind other developers the importance of keeping in mind how much progress you’ve made. Even if you can put together one of your scenes with some placeholder art, being able to see the skeleton of something you’ve created in motion feels amazing and can inspire you to keep pushing forward! It’s hard sometimes, but I believe in you - we all do!