Are you still working on this?


When is this coming out/how much will it cost?

Date or Die does not currently have a projected release date. This is a labor of love from all of us; that unfortunately makes our schedule a little wobbly! As soon as we approach release, we'll be sure to announce it as loudly as we can. For similar reasons, we're yet to decide on a retail price for the game.

How can I follow development progress?

The quickest ways are by checking out our dev blog, following our Twitter, or signing up for our newsletter (form at the bottom of this page). You can also follow some of the team on Twitter:

I want to support this - how can I do that?

While we're currently exploring different outside funding options (including but not limited to: investors, crowdfunding, banging steel pots on the street), we're not currently actively seeking money from the public. That said, we always appreciate any social media boost - so tell your friends!

Can my kid play this? Or, hi, I'm a kid, can I play this?

No. Date or Die contains graphic sexual and violent content, as well as frank engagement with a variety of adult themes. As such, we highly advise that players under the age of 18 give this one a miss, and older players consider themselves warned. We'll be publishing a more thorough list of content warnings towards the end of development.