Six Contestants! One True Love! No Escape!

cgfinalteaser updated.png

Six strangers wake up in an enormous, lavish mansion...

with no memory as to how they arrived, and no way out. A mysterious man appears, referring to himself only as the Host, and informs them they’ve been chosen to appear on Date or Die, a twisted dating game reality TV show where being eliminated means death! The Host promises that those who can best all the show’s challenges will get out alive and receive a chance at true love. Will the group band together and find a way to escape against impossible odds, or will they play right into the Host’s hands?

Date or Die is a visual novel about relationships, love, and the way they’re portrayed in media. In terms of inspiration, think Flavor of Love and The Bachelor meets Danganronpa! It features a diverse and engaging cast of characters, a sharply written branching story, and will hopefully make you cry!

Date or Die is the first full-length writing debut from Arden Ripley (Kindness Coins), with art from Julian Cormac, programming provided by Jacquelyn Marina, and consulting help from Christopher Fraser.